The hydrotherapy pool

Our purpose built pool is heated to 28-31 degrees for the dogs comfort. The pool is water tested, sanitized and maintained on a regular basis. We have both external and internal ramps into the pool for easy access with a resting platform adjoined.

We also have a water jet system which can help build up your dog’s cardiovascular fitness in a safe controlled way.

We have scales to weigh your dog’s. We can monitor their progress, whether you are wanting to maintain weight, lose weight or put weight on.

We also have a showering facility. Your dog is given a warm shower before entering the pool, this is to ensure any excess dirt or hair comes off before going into the pool and also it warms up your dog’s muscles. We shower your dog off after the session, this is to cool down the muscles they have worked and also washes off the chlorinated water.

We are a fully insured with Cliverton Insurance.

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