Services & Prices

how does our pricing work?

At Ash Farm Canine Hydrotherapy we work on a veterinary referral basis.

This means your dog needs to be referred by your veterinary surgeon before they can be treated for hydrotherapy.

Please get in contact with us so we can take your details and send the form off to your veterinary surgery.

Initial consultations

(1 hour)

In these sessions we discuss all your dog’s clinical history, diet, past and on going veterinary treatments. We take and record your dog’s weight and muscle measurements.

We allow your dog to have a sniff around the hydrotherapy unit and give them time to get used to us as they can be anxious when coming into a new environment and meeting new people.

After all this has been done, we slowly introduce them into the pool to have their first swim session.

swim sessions


These include –

  • Fitness  Swims
  • Weight loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Puppy swims
  • Introduction to water / Confident building

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